Charles Smith

Charles Smith is an asshole. You're supposed to hate him yet find him oddly endearing. If you don't find him endearing, remember, he's an asshole and you're supposed to hate him. He is currently the Governor of the state of REDACTED which is obviously the ideal place for someone of his unimpeachable (pun intended) character.

Sherman Schottky is Charles Smith's bodyguard. She's in love with Charles for no apparent reason. Or maybe there is a reason; she hasn't explained. Maybe she has low self esteem. Or maybe it's convenient to the narrative. I'll go with B, because my gut tells me that it's the truth.

Her duties often extend far beyond that of the average bodyguard, mainly because she has a very hard time telling Charles 'no'. Her stoicism in the face of her employer is nothing short of cosmically infinite, but perhaps she feels it will be worth it in the end. Personally I can't see how.

I mean just look at that smug prick bastion of civility and moral fortitude.

May Beans

May Beans is the speaker of the state legislature; as a socially conscious, idealistic, progressive, ambitious and educated woman she is the ideal opposite number to Charles. What could possibly go wrong? I'm sure they'll get on swell.