Part One Page Fourteen

This is more or less the equivalent of a commercial sign. Like the ones you’d see for some reason on direct to video OVAs. I’ve always admired Saul Bass’s style, so here’s a blatantly obvious and poorly executed attempt to ape it.

Part One Page Thirteen

I wish more politicians would just “I’m out” like this. They would tend to have more microphones to slam down on the ground in contempt as well.

Part One Page Twelve

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if politicians were given free reign on twitter, directly posting their immediate thoughts on their official accounts without the vetting of their PR arm.  Or maybe that’s how it already is.

If not, I shudder.

Part One Page Eleven

Why did Sherman print out the list instead of just sending it to Smith’s phone?  It’s almost as if I wrote this bit before everyone had phones, or something.

Maybe I did.

Wow I’m old.

Part One Page Ten

Who the hell irons a towel?

Seriously, I’ve never seen that, once, in my entire life.  Why would you do that?  Would she iron socks, too?  Or bras?  I don’t think we should stop there; why doesn’t she iron washcloths and doilies?  Or her curtains?  WHY IS SHE DOING THAT


Part One Page Eight

I tend to picture certain types of pronouncements that slip past my lips to be presented in fonts like that one.  The rest of the time I feel I speak in comic sans.  Sometimes, I get the impression that I’m speaking in Helvetica Black in white typeface on a white background (mostly when I try to talk politics).

Part One Page Seven

If the text and word balloons can violate the black borders, so can the characters.  I just proved it.

Part One Page Five

Sherman is named after a type of tank and and a type of diode.  I don’t know why.

As a side note, these streaks of color I’ve been using sort of negate any advantage I may have gained from producing the comic in grayscale, so I’m seriously beginning to doubt my intelligence.