Part Three Page Five

Ooooooh, shiny new responsive theme. I likey; it actually comes off well on mobile devices like it ought to. It’s almost like I’m getting better at faking it. Yes indeed. I think I’ll keep it. Phase one of site redesign is nearly complete; stay tuned for some multimedia content in addition to the comic over the next few weeks.

Also, be sure to check out the guest comic by yours truly, currently live on Ninja and Pirate!! Joe Flanders is a tirelessly consistent creator whose work is rife with cleverly crafted gags (visual, contextual, punny, you name it) and serial story lines that mix drama and comedy in equal measure without breaking the strip’s tone. That’s a tricky thing to pull off, but Joe does it. All that more or less made it a necessity for me to help give him a chance to unwind this month as he sits back and reflects on a year’s work well done (who am I kidding, no doubt he’s hard at work on the next chapter).

Go read!


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