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And thus begins 2016.  I’m beginning to believe that I’ve managed to jump start the old creative processes so long dormant, and will be able to resume the thrice weekly update schedule I was accustomed to all those years ago.

In the last two months I’ve also done something I hadn’t done since doing it exactly once in 2009: I used Twitter.  I’m not joking; I used that site once nearly seven years ago to post one joke tweet and didn’t touch it again until late last year.  I think I’m gradually growing acclimated to the ways and means, although I’ve long detested the short form headline oriented content and never really saw the point in the face of other services more amenable to things other than briefly spat out assertions with no room for context or supporting arguments.

But all in all, I’ve re-entered the world of the social Internet and content creation with as much aplomb as could be expected of someone in my place, I think.  I am somewhat of an introvert after all.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be rolling out a new responsive format to the site; this old thing you’re currently looking at was a stop gap measure to get something live while I finished getting the artistic me warmed up.  More stuff soon after that, and I can’t wait to get started!

So, let’s see where this year goes.  I’ve kicked off, let’s start to run.



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