Part Three Title Page

Welcome to part the third; here begins what I might lovingly refer to as the “Story Proper”.  The previous two brief sections existed mainly to introduce us to the main players, those being Smith, Sherman, and May.  There are more to come but those will do for now.  It was a deeply rewarding experience to dive back in to this sort of content creation after so long a hiatus, and I hope to be able to continue to do it for a long time to come.

The title page for Part Three continues the theme of Sherman in the foreground, Charles represented (somewhat) in the background.  At the risk of appearing to jump up and down yelping “ask me what it means” like a ninth grade creative writing student, you may have noticed that in each of these title pages, Charles is represented either by a picture, an effigy, or a silhouette, and is never really visible as himself.  In contrast, Sherman is in the fore, in full color.  Yes, Sherman the stoic green-haired bodyguard is the protagonist.  As if it weren’t obvious.

In this part of the comic, the events set in motion by Charles’ impeachment continue to barrel along toward the inevitable path to disaster.  Let’s see what happens as the governor engages the challenge with his trademark verve.

To all who have had a look at the comic so far, thanks for stopping by, and I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.  Don’t write junk.




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